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I have lost interest in him.

There is this boy that likes me and he wants to marry me. I was interested but for some reason I have lost interest.

Engaged and feeling sick with nerves

Already when he is kind to me, I do not feel like I can reciprocate or return the favour. I hate saying ‘thank you’ because it feels too embarrassing for me. I generally just ignore him. I feel like I am being a cold, arrogant person and he has already commented that he thinks I am distracted because I love someone else, which is not true at all.

Suffering from Clinical Anxiety, Should I get Married?

I was alone all these days and was able to handle up my stress and anxiety and hiding my foolish mistakes (which I do when I am in stress), but the situation will be different when I am married. I always think, will I be able to keep my wife happy in my current state?

How do I sort out this emotional dilemma

I am in a very confused and complex emotional state. It’s been happening to me for over three months now. It’s keeping me emotionally disturbed and affecting my perception of myself. It all begin on the first week of April, when a new girl joined our class.