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Is it wrong for me to ask Allah to be blessed with a baby boy?

I want to get him out of my head and start believing this is a different baby, but my mind keeps going back to him! Is it wrong if I pray for a boy? His face is just always in my mind, how do I stop thinking about him and start looking forward to our new baby, inshallah?

How to move on from what we left behind?

The things we experienced there…I can’t even talk about them. Every time I remember, it makes me cry. We are living with my parents which don’t understand the reason I am Muslim. However they let us stay with them. My husband’s family is still in Syria. I can’t bring them here, and I can’t help them in anyway. We don’t even have a job yet.

I have wasted all my life in sin; I want to be reborn and start from scratch.

I have been telling lies, i have been consuming alcohol, i have been watching porn, I have been very far from offering prayers and reciting Quran. Even i have forgotten to read Arabic in Quran. Infact I know only three sins which ALLAH has saved me from (Shirk, Zina and Murder of someone)