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My husband excludes me from decisions

He says I are being disrespectful, he is my husband and I should do what he wants. It’s been only six months since we got married, and I got just a few months to finish my studies. If he is acting this way now that am away, what will happen if I am home?

Should I continue relationship with a non-practising Muslim man?

Should I break up as he is not practicing muslim or should I take risk of doing ruksati with him and try to convince him gradually?

my husband is probably looking for another girl

Today I found out he is still an active member of one famous muslim dating site (where I met him) and that he is looking for a girl. And in his profile there is written : he is “single”. We never had big problems between us, we are newly married, and I really loved him. But now I really don’t know…

My Marriage is falling apart over money

I have been married to my husband for about 8 months but we did not move in together till a few months ago because I have a daughter and it was a case of relocating. Unfortunately we have been plagued by so many problems (some due to the pressure of events in my life) but now that I have moved in with him, we have spent most of that time unhappy and displeased with one another.