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Why is it coming to me and will it come back?

Having frequent nightmares

I used to have many nightmares four years ago when I shifted to this house, but then I moved out. Now I’m back here and having these kind of dreams again, and I feel scared and depressed all the time.

Severe insomnia – thinking of suicide

I have been having severe insomnia for the past 7/8 years. I dropped out of my education… It’s ruining my life.

I have recurring dreams that people are spying on me or plotting against me

I have the same recurring dream- that I am going to meet the man of my dreams only to have him leave me on lies that these Asians will spread. I dream that migrants hate me and want to frame me.

Seeing Jinn and Demons in Dreams

I offen saw demons jins n all sort of evil spirits..they r harming my family, home n me..n i use to kill them by reciting durrod shareef in dream.. n suddenly they disappeared

Bad Dreams and Broken Bangles

I am a 17 year old girl and in the past few days I have been having bad dreams about someone following me and wanting to attack me or my family.

Dreams are haunting me!

Anyways I am 13 years old, and for a few years now I have been getting dreams about ghosts. I’m not going to go into any detail, but the ghosts are always trying to kill me in my dreams.

While I’m Sleeping Some Evil Spirits Enter my body


I am very worried about my condition. It’s been like three times at night. While I’m sleeping, some thing enters in my body. For me it was a dream but it feels like its happening in real. I feel like somebody put kilos of weight on body, I can’t move myself even I tried to read ayatal kursi and some other duas but that spirit or whatever don’t let me do that.

I have insomnia and terrible nightmares, why?

My parents are always worried about me as I am the youngest in my family and they are concerned because I have symptoms like senior citizens. Sometimes I feel helpless and useless to my family that I just lock myself in the room and try to remain in isolation…

Praying Gives Me Nightmares


A few years before I got married I was not very religious and did not pray all the time. However, when I met my husband and then the years before he became my husband he encouraged me to follow my religion on a more regular basis alhamdAllah.