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Delaying Nikkah Because of His Parents

I am very upset with this situation because I feel that I have to cut all ties with him now until his parents will allow us to marry to avoid committing zina or being in a haram relationship.

Need some guidance

I want to know that how can I separate from him when there was no proof of our marriage?

In love with my cousin… But is divorce right for us?

We had nikkah and intimate relationship from last one year but my family is not agreed for our marriage, actually no one knows that we have got married.

Online Nikkah?

I don’t want to delay my nikkah…

Sex before marriage.

We’ve had sex and I want to know is it best to leave her or to convince her to come back and aim for a nikkah?

Secret Nikkah!

Was me having my Nikkah with him in my kismet? I don’t want to leave my family and I don’t want to leave my husband.

Can we do two Nikkahs?

In this case is it okay for me and this girl to do nikka and do another one after I finish school in front of my parents?

Can we do our nikah this way?

We can bring two witnesses but the wali cannot be present for this. Allah is the judge. All I want to know is If this marriage will be valid or not?

If a man recites his own khutaba a nikkah…

… is this nikkah valid or not?

No rukhsati in sight, now my friend is on my mind

I had a friend. He was very honest and he loved me a lot before my nikah, and he still does. I don’t have any contact with him, but because of my husband I sarted missing him and I don’t know what to do now.