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Removing veil in front of non-mahram. Help!!

I am going on Umrah. I am niqabi. But according to Hanafi law, you cannot cover face whilst performing tawaf…

I can’t leave him, neither can I forget him.

I am lovesick, involved in deep trouble and living in an unstable situation which is deeply affecting my health and studies.

Seeking advice about niqab and compulsion in religion

If your spouse is forcing you to wear niqab when you don’t want to and threatening if you don’t wear niqab will divorce you…

Feeling lost and hopeless

My heart is now dark, I never repent because I know I don’t have that sincerity… I’m 14 and I wish I had never been born.

Proposal would require me to remove my veil…

His family demands me to take off my face veil when non mehrams relatives are at home.

Conversion to Islam before Marriage

My father in law said it will be after 4 years that we can get married because they feel it will take me 4 years to change my self completely and become a complete Muslim . So these will be the changes I will have to undergo…

Is niqab really important to wear?

Some say niqab is farz and important and some say it’s sunnah.

Getting married to someone from a different culture

Please tell me if I should go ahead with proposing for marriage through her parents, even though my parents right now won’t accept it? I have spent all my life praying to Allah to bless me with a Muslimah wife like her.

Husband won’t allow me to wear niqab

We have a disagreement about my right to chose to wear the niqab.

I have felt this tugging at my heart for years, even bought a few almost 4 years ago to secretly try. I decided that I was not strong enough then to wear it SubhonAllah. However since then my heart &knowledge for Islam has grown 10 fold. I completely feel ready to wear niqab InshaAllah.

When I approached my husband about it he said absolutely not. I have tried to soften his heart but he says now is not the time. I’ve cried over this too many times.