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Need urgent help – his parents won’t let us marry!

His parents directly reject me. They said they can’t accept any girl from different state.

No communication with my husband!

He leaves the house for 1-2 hours, doesn’t tell me where he’s going, completely disappears…

Is my husband normal?

We have been married for almost 1.5 years… Overall I am very frustrated and don’t know what to do.

My husband won’t even talk to me

I make duaa for Allah to bring us closer together. But I feel like he has stayed with me just so he won’t upset my mother, and I have found pictures on his laptop with girls in bikinis. I want to fix this and be happy.

Tired of an unhappy marriage

My parents had arranged my marriage to my wife. Right from day 1 we have never loved each other… it has come to such a stage in my life that we don’t share the same bed and havent had normal relations for a good part of the last 7 years.

Husband does not talk to me. I do not want to live with him

I am married for 3 years and living in a joint family system. My marriage was totally arranged only saw my husband once but I chatted with him on phone for three months..

Why can’t I just love my husband?

When I first married my husband I realised we had little in common and tried very hard to find a common ground.I had hoped that as we spent time together that my feelings for him would grow…

I have done my nikah and do not like the person who I married, I need help

i went pakistan some almost over 1 year ago…. and i said yes in marrying my mum’s nephew. i did the nikah, but i don’t like him anymore and don’t know what made me say yes. he tells me how he could have married sum1 else if my dad didnt give him me – this makes me feel bad and i just dont want to be with him.

Husband only cares about his career and green card

One whole year, and it’s sad to say my husband does not have feelings for me. He “cares” for me, but his number one priority he has made VERY clear is his career and his future profession. He has point blank said everything else really doesn’t matter. It just seems like their is a block on his heart to fully open up to me. He does say, however, that once we have our rukhsathi (actual wedding ceremony) and we start living together, it will be different.

My husband has cut off contact with me and I am very worried

I have been married to my Egyptian husband for 18 months. Due to economic reasons I have returned to England in the hope that my husband will eventually get a visa and be able to join me here. Last week I put £10 on that phone so he was able to contact me. He said this made him sad as he knows I have very little money and told me not to do it again. He has let me do this in the past with no problem. His last text to me several days ago was to tell me not to put more money on his phone and that he would try to go online to talk to me todayat 1pm. 5 days since his last message. We have texted or talked everyday since we met if we have been apart and I feel devasted without this communication between us.