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A Depressed Teenager

No one is on my side and I always find myself alone. I wish I were dead than living such a life.

I hate my life so much

I really hate my family. I blame them for my depression, loneliness and embarrassment. I can’t do anything with my life. I feel like killing myself.

In love – Marriage issues

I know if i dont marry him i will ruin my life and honor and if i do i will ruin my life too and honour too.

Lonely since childhood

Is Allah doing this to me ? …. why isn’t this disaster ending ? why is life like this ?

Will my past haunt me??

I don’t know what to do, I know if I told my husband he would leave.

Rejected by society

They say that you should always be yourself. But, what if being yourself causes you to get rejected by everyone? It’s killing me. Thats why I’m very afraid to meet new people or to get married. They may like me in the beginning, but eventually they will find me strange. I don’t want to play someone else. I want to be me. But “being me” is hard, because I’m way too different. I can’t help it, I was just born this way.

Feel lonely, depressed, have suicidal thoughts; how to boost self-esteem and not feel insecure?

it’s cause i was also bullied mentally but a guy at my school when I was younger he would call me smelly say I smelled bad. I don’t know I think I was just mentally abused by people a lot that’s why i have such low self esteem. but I act confident when I’m really not. HELP ME though help!!! school is stressing me the fact that I don’t have any friends is stressing me.

Why can’t I make friends, what’s wrong with me?

I tried whatever my family told me to try-try to talk with new person, ask them to invite me to go with them etc, but seems like nobody likes me or don’t want me in their fun. I don’t know what to do? I am so depressed and bored. I just need may be one or two friend who I can share my fun with but, nobody seems to be want to be my friend.