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I am confused.

I wanted to be a doctor. My parents are not happy with that. They shout at me and tell me I can’t do anything.

Marriage is not possible

He cannot marry me as he is in commitment of 5 years and can’t hurt his parents and that girl… but he loves me and finds me his true mate.

I feel like I’m nothing, I’m losing hope day by day

I think God is punishing me. I love my Allah. But I’m unable to find hope and trust in him.

I wanna kill myself, I need advice badly

I am in so much pain. He destroyed my innocence… Many times I took knife in my hand…

I’m too old for marriage and children… What’s left for me?

Now I live a lonely depressed life and I will die that way too … What’s left for me? What did I do so I was not granted a good spouse or children of my own??

I feel like Allah hates me?

My heart is empty, and nothing, no words of encouragement help. I feel like I’m beyond help. I guess this question was a last attempt, I don’t know why I even asked it. But anyone, please, say anything…..

My father is destroying my life… but he says I’m the one that’s brought him shame!

My father is doing injustice to me. Why me? Is it ok for a parent to do it like this?

I am planning to Jump off a Bridge

I am thinking of committing suicide like jumping off a bridge. I live with my big brother. He is abusive and hits me everyday lots of times. I have spots on my head where it hurts from his hard knuckles. I have nowhere to turn, no one to help. I have no parents, and when I die I don’t want to be buried by a non Muslim. I am a born Muslim I have no one to help me. I am tired of listening to him that I should die, that I should not come back, that he brought me to this country to be his slave to do what he tells me to do, or get out.