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Help regarding making a decision to get married

I find that every time we try to move forward, we take a hundred steps back.

Traumatized and depressed by my mother and my husband’s ‘love’

I was pressured into marriage to a man who won’t let me study or work. He gives me no money, and turned my family against me.

Can evil eye make a person lose his job?

Is it possible for a person to loose his job due to evil eye from some one. And also not to find a new one job due to evil eye? amirriaz

My life is going in circles because of black magic

I always faced rejections. When I wanted marriage I never married. If I wanted a job it never happened. Magic experts told us that it is magic blockage for everything.

I’m not satisfied with my husband

I am not happy with him… my mother in law is not a good lady… I don’t have a baby… What does Islam say about this?

Deaf Lady in Distress

My heart has got weaken and weaken. I am worried about my mother and the future.

He’s leaving me penniless and homeless in Egypt!

The problem is now he wants me out of my villa that I bought, and he wants it sold. He says he wants to move on, yet he won’t admit to his adultery. I am here alone now in Egypt with no money or family, and I can’t survive here. I am living in a slum of a house and I can’t afford my bills.

Health issues, financial problems, and he has not told his parents about me

I’ve known a guy for 4 months now. He is two years younger than me. Initially he told me he was financially sound. Problems started because he did not have a job and would get depressed, so I would help him out with jobs. Then my mom was diagnosed with cancer..