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My husband is not interested in me, but won’t leave her alone!

He talks to her whether at home or out the of home. Whenever I come to my room his cell rings again and again. I have read most of their discussion, and there is nothing except sharing love with each other.

How can I get out of marrying this guy?

My name is Fatuma and my wedding is this summer July 2012 and I’m not ready. I do not like the guy I’m supposed to marry.
I said yes to my parents in the first place because they were mad at me for rejecting my cousin and I didn’t wanted to hurt them again even though I was not happy about what I was doing-but now I’m trying to explain my parent that I never liked that gu

Husband only cares about his career and green card

One whole year, and it’s sad to say my husband does not have feelings for me. He “cares” for me, but his number one priority he has made VERY clear is his career and his future profession. He has point blank said everything else really doesn’t matter. It just seems like their is a block on his heart to fully open up to me. He does say, however, that once we have our rukhsathi (actual wedding ceremony) and we start living together, it will be different.