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My husband doesn’t have much money and I’m suffering

My problem is that after the marriage I noticed that the salary of my husband is not enough for my living standard. Of course before marriage I knew he wasn’t rich, but I didn’t expect all these sacrifices. I don’t want a rich life but we are far to have a decent one

How to leave a man you are financially dependant on?

Where in this world do I go with a baby and nothing else and nobody?

We have endured lifelong abuse from our father…

Also most painfully I have begun to feel resentment towards my mother may Allah forgive me… it pains me she turned a blind eye to our abuse as children, she tries now, but sometimes I feel it’s because I complain to her so much.

love marriage to a poor but good brother

  assalamualaikum, My cousin loves me. He’s a good islamic guy and I too love him, but my parents are not accepting because he is not rich. What to do? -sheema

I’m young and pregnant: Help me sisters and brothers!

Can I marry my partner even though I am pregnant (I always wanted to get married; was just waiting for him to become stable)? Shall I just marry and keep the baby, although I’m so young? Or shall I terminate this pregnancy -and I don’t know know if it will help- and leave my partner?

We moved to Pakistan and I became like a prisoner

When we moved to Pakistan, my husband asked me to cover my face, not to go outside, and I became like a maid for his family. I have no money, he is gone for months at a time, and when he is here he abuses me.

My mother taunts me, curses me and tells me to die

Dear Wael, Can u please set me up with one of your counselors, i need help.
I’m 21 years old, we r 7 brothers and sisters, ive faced emotional abuse for my whole life, my mother wanted first son and i was born, im the oldest, she hates me since that day. she taunts me curses me and keeps telling me to die, she keeps saying that i shuld have died at birth as it would have been good for all of us,and that im the worst thing that ever happened to her, she says i will never have a normal life and i will live painfully for who i am

I love my boyfriend but my parents won’t let me marry him

Salaamalaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu I have a boyfriend who I love like crazy and he loves me too. We don’t live in the same country so a lot of the initial problems of having a boyfriend or girlfriend are not really ours. But I nevertheless a problem. We would like to get married but […]