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25 and no prospect of marriage! Feel hopeless and broken.

What if it is not written in my life to get married?

Depressed and angry sister

My sister seems to be in a state of constant depression, frustration and anger at the fact that she has never received any proposals and is not yet married unlike her friends and our other cousins.

My life is going in circles because of black magic

I always faced rejections. When I wanted marriage I never married. If I wanted a job it never happened. Magic experts told us that it is magic blockage for everything.

Desperate to have sex but no one wants to marry me

I am desperate to get married… I don’t understand why I can’t get married now when I am so mature, am a fantastic cook, excellent at managing a house and think about sex 24 hours a day and need islamic relief.

Parents don’t want me to get married

I don’t have any “single” family member who supports me in my decisions, who backs me. Instead everyone is mostly discouraging me in hijab wearing, not listening songs,watching movies etc. Saying I won’t get good proposals, etc.

Feeling hopeless about marriage

I can’t find a partner for myself at all even though I have done many wazifas and prayed a lot. Though I have had proposals, but nothing seems to eventually work out.

I have a lot to offer, but my parents are not getting me married.

I cannot tell my family about my depression. I just don’t know how to communicate this to my parents that I want to get married. There are a lot of really close unmarried females in my family, and they are really unhappy and I am terrified. I am really tired of being misunderstood, and I don’t want to disrespect my parents. I just dont know how to go about it.