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I am very sad and upset because of family

At night I suddenly wake up, can’t sleep, I only think why, why, why I am treated like this?

Need urgent advice on my marriage life

He beats me and has no respect for me… My family are putting pressure on me that if I do not give him a second chance I will be cursed by Allah.

Verbal/emotional abuse a few months into nikah

There are times that I am scared of physical abuse… I feel that the respect in our relationship is gone.

My husband does not act like a husband.

My husband has no respect for me and I feel he treats me like a slave.

Respecting Parents

I want to listen to my mum but I just don’t know what to do, I need help.

Not sure whether I should divorce- please help!

He’s forcing me to have children with him now and forcing me to stop taking the pill so I need to make a decision ASAP.

I want to get Khulaa

Spiritually he is a very filthy person. I feel like there is no way out for me except Khulaa. I don’t want to live with such a person any more.

Brother in law causing problems

We are all Muslim and I have a feeling this is all haram to put a wife through such pain, hurt and financial abuse.

How can I get our marriage back on track?

I hoped to live happily ever after… but it didn’t quite turn out that way.

Should I divorce her?

My wife has never respected me and abuses my mother also. Should I divorce her?