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Interfaith marriage without parental permission possible?

I’m a Christian girl. My family will not agree with our wedding so I’m left without a Wali.


Halal way to approach the guy I like?

Please don’t tell me to get a wali. I don’t have one. What do I do?

Married or not?

We believe we are married… Is our marriage recognised by Allah?

My girlfriend’s parents don’t want us to get married

But we both want to marry each other only…. She can marry me without her parents permission.

Can we do our nikah this way?

We can bring two witnesses but the wali cannot be present for this. Allah is the judge. All I want to know is If this marriage will be valid or not?

Depressed and confused about this relationship

I got married because of staying away from sin. Before marriage all the time he forced me for physical relation… I can’t accept him from heart.

I have no witnesses for nikkah

My father abandoned me, my mother hates all Muslims and has disowned me. I found a man that I want to marry, but I have no family to be a witness for the marriage.

Is that nikah valid?

Her father came and took her back to her country saying that her nikah is not valid because of a Shafii’i girl can’t get married without the presence of her father.

Marriage without wali?

My mum refused his proposal saying that “you’re Indian”… Can we get marry because I can’t live without him and same as he?

Seeking Islamic guidance for marriage

He says he was with me for sympathy. My parents are very angry and they want me to try get married to him or one of my relation guy. But I am a revert – I can’t marry a kafir…