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I don’t know what is going on with me…

Salam. I am a university student. Muslim. i dont know what is going on with me. At 1 st yr i chatted with a boy; i fell in love with her. I was from abroad. I didnt meet her ever. But when parents know; taken back phone. In 2nd yr i got a friend who […]

Wife’s past and trust issue

I still accepted her because I love her and believe everyone can change. But how do I get over that?

Can we talk online until we get married?

I have read a lot where some say it is okay as intentions are pure and some say no because shaitan can deviate you. We have promised not to meet or exchange pictures or anything, so then how can this be still haram?

I want to stop these haram relations

I am feeling so guilty that I talk with na mehrams and then pray. I don’t want to marry them too.

What should I do with my hijab?

I am the only one in my family doing hijab. When non-mahram relatives visit, if I don’t greet them they think I am disrespecting them or insulting them.

Comparing actions of Muslim Men and Women

Please consider these two scenarios… What has gone wrong?

My husband problem

I do not want to have to be at his parents house because I am uncomfortable, there are men my husbands age and also my husbands father. But he keeps telling me to come there.

I’m not sure if it was zina or not, but I feel so guilty and bad

He kissed me and even touched me forcefully. I asked him to stop. I want to repent to Allah but the problem is whenever I repent I do something bad again.

My Muslim Mother is Letting a Non-Muslim Man Stay at our home

She says he is homeless and going through a tough time… he said he quit his job. I am losing so much respect for my mother.

Communicating with non mahram, to guide him in iman

I feel like guiding him to the straight path just like a sister. When he missed his prayers he felt strongly dissatisfied, but he is not realizing the cause of this dissatisfaction. I believe once his imaan is strong, he can guide his wife and children the same way and he would not even feel the need to chat with me.