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Will my in-laws accept my religion?

I am a Christian man married to a wonderful Muslim woman. How do we tell her parents?

Abandoned by my non-Muslim husband

How can I divorce or free myself? I intend to remarry if given a chance.

Muslim Shiia in distress

I am married to a Christian man… but myself and my cousin have fallen in love. I do not feel I will divorce my husband for he loves me.

I converted but my husband didn’t; Is my marriage halal?

I have converted to Islam for few months now while I am married to my non-muslim husband. He made it clear that he will not convert but respects my belief.

I want to convert to Islam, but my husband is not Muslim

I know Islam is the truth and the light but I want to know if I can convert to Islam now that I am married to a non-muslim man?

can he propose marriage to me, and then convert later?

I’m a 21 year old Arab muslim girl and I’ve led a life free of any major sins but I still do repent to Allah and seek forgiveness. I’m in a relationship with a Romanian guy and we are serious about marriage. He’s Christian Orthodox but he’s completely understanding to Islam’s way of life. He respects me and does not demand anything that I can’t give.

Can a Muslim woman marry a non-Muslim man if she controls the family?

Is it allowed in Islam for a Muslim woman to marry a Christian man? If the non-Muslim man acknowledges the Prophet Mohammed (asws) as the final prophet and Islam as the last completing religion, and prophet Issa (asws) is Allah’s messenger and not his son, is that enough without the need to convert to Islam?