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I’m in love with a non muslim man

We soon hope to get married but of course he has to convert first… Interracial marriage is okay for the men in my family but not the woman.

My unforgiving lies

I feel Allah has punished me for lying to my parents and for committing zina.

Understanding the right path

I have no intention to marry a non muslim. If i marry a revert, i pray he has found islam before he has found me. I would never want to marry a revert who reverts JUST to marry me as I don’t want that.

Relationship Before Marriage

I am an 18 year old girl who has somehow found herself in a relationship with a 42 year old man.

My Muslim Mother is Letting a Non-Muslim Man Stay at our home

She says he is homeless and going through a tough time… he said he quit his job. I am losing so much respect for my mother.

Muslim woman, unmarried and pregnant

We have found out we are expecting a child. He has always wanted to convert to Islam, we were just waiting to graduate from college. We would really like to get married before the baby is born.

Prayer for a lost love

Salaams everyone. I am in my late 30’s. I prayed for a nice husband for many years. I am a working professional and I have tried to live a good life. I never had much success with traditional “proposals”. About a year ago I met a wonderful man who had a muslim background but he himself was not muslim. We fell in love. I truly believe he was a miracle in my life. Unfortunately, instead of trying to slowly bring him to Islam, I abruptly told him to convert otherwise it was over. He was very hurt and we separated without trying to bridge our differences.

Non Muslim man and Muslim woman

Well, this has been a hard and confusing time in my life. Me and this girl I met at college have been seeing each other for some time now. She is Muslim, and I am probably the worst kind of guy in the eyes of others for her, because I was a soldier in the US Army.

In love with non-Muslim man

I am a Muslim woman and have been seeing this non-Muslim man for a year now. We have been dating for a while and have realised that we could spend the rest of our lives together. But because he is non-Muslim we knew that it would never be possible to be together.

I’m not Muslim, but I met a very special Muslim girl

I’m not Muslim, but I met a very special Muslim girl. I want to be a part of her life but I want to respect Islam and court her in the Islamic way. We have not had a date yet because she is lesbian. Do I need to see an Iman or leader of a Mosque to get blessed or cleansed before I see her?