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Getting married in the Islamic way

He wants to get married the Islamic way. Can I still marry him even if I am christian?


My ex-husband keeps my child away from me

All I want is to spend some time with my child… I fear they will be encouraged to have nothing to do with me once they are an adult. My ex-husband wants to stick to our court order although I am unhappy with it.

A Muslim who does not believe in Allah

Recently one of our family friends introduced her to this person, and the guy started talking to her on phone or chat, he seemed a very nice guy; respectful, humble and all the good traits, but after a couple of weeks he told her that even though his family is Muslim and he is also, he doesn’t believe in Allah SWT.

Still hurting from my lost love

I am a non-religious woman and I was involved with a muslim man for a few years. I loved him dearly. He swore he loved me as well. We were friends..

I am falling in love with a Hindu girl; how do I remove these feelings?

I don’t want to dis-obey my faith or my mother who has worked so hard to put me in such position. And I don’t want to hurt the girl, I would like to say this I have never met anyone like her, she is so very intelligent, kind and very hard working. Most Muslim girls I come across in my community are insecure people, who enjoy gossiping and unfortunately rather uneducated, so I don’t know whether I will ever meet someone like her again.

I have fallen for a Muslim Woman, but I am not a Muslim

I have known a Muslim girl for a long time, and over that time, I have fallen in love with her. The problem therefore being, I am not a Muslim myself.

Can my non-Muslim friend fast for one day in Ramadan

My non muslim friend asked if he could keep a fast for one day during ramadan. He wanted to feel what muslims feel. Also he wanted to keep fast as a mark of respect for a muslim friend of his…

I married a revert but parents want me to divorce her.

Alhamdulillah, she´s living in islam now, but my family members not like this marriage they ask me to divorce but wallahi i don´t like to divorce. But I can’t say anything to my parents.

Non muslim confused and lost

I posted on here once before asking for advice on pregnancy. In the end I decided to terminate without my Muslim friends knowledge so he would feel no shame about it. I did not expect things to continue as they have done but we seem to be in a strange sort of relationship which I don’t understand.

How can I convince my parents to marry me to my atheist boyfriend without hurting them?

I am in2 this relationship with a non muslim guy for 5 yrs…though he is an atheist bt takes a lot of pride in his name…the problem is so that now v both want to get married…his parents have agreed quite reluctantly…bt there is a lot of prob from my side..