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We are living separate lives even though we are married

I was never shown what he earns or where he spends, while he has complete control over my salary! I have also caught him multiple times talking to girls through a dating site. I have come to the point where I feel separation is the only way I could get some peace.

My husband does not pray or read Quran

i married a moslem man who seldom to pray and not interested to learn reading al quran.

Life is difficult with a husband who is not a practicing Muslim

I am sad and lonely and as if there is no peace in this marriage…

My husband is not interested in me or in following Islam. Is he an athiest?

All the days he just go to work come back watch movies eat and sleep. I just live a lonely life in a small flat. But he thinks that i love him madly. He never prays and also not interested to learn to recite Quran or only five or six days he fasted during last ramzan. He is not that much interested in sexual intercourse from the beginning of our marriage.