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Arranged marriage and not going well

I feel like I shouldn’t have gotten married this early. I’m not thinking of divorcing but I don’t know what I can do to love him…

Leaving a girl for Allah

I don’t have any options and my friend is saying me to marry her and I don’t want to marry her.

Parents engaged me to one guy, but I love someone else

The mistake I made was to meet this guy I love. I don’t want to go into detail, but we sinned. No, we did NOT have sex, but yes we did sin. I spoke to him and told him if we are serious about marriage we must stop meeting up in the wrong way, and be sensible if we want Allah to bring us closer and to bless our future marriage insha’Allah.

I am not satisfied with my carefree husband, and I fell in love with someone else

I came across the person I loved, and I am in touch with him too. I do not want to be a sinner, but as I found him in this situation, I have completely lost love for my husband. I am just concerned about Allah’s anger, what must I do?

I have no love for my husband

Life is struggle because i been praying asking Allah that i thank you for the food clothes everything but i want to be in love with my husband and be able to love him n look into his eyes and care about him. He loves me a lot but i dont like him or even love him.

I don’t love my husband! I am thinking of divorce

I’m a 28 year old woman. I’m married for 5 years now, without any kids.
My husband and I have problems with sexual intimacy since day one. In the beginning i was mentally blocked, wich caused me not to feel anything physically. After 1,5 years lots of “practicing.” I finally got rid of the mental blockage. So now you would think the problem is solved right?

I’ve tried so hard at this marriage, but just dont love him.

I have been married for 9months now, it was an arranged marriage. i was under the impression that if he’s a good man, and a good muslim, its only natural that i would come to love him..

I did Istikhara after married


I married six months ago.

I was not in love but thought it would grow. I still feel really unhappy and was advised to do Istikhara. So i did Istikhara and …

I am falling apart inside and desperately need balanced guidance.

I am approaching divorce and plan to move from ***+ after five years of marriage to an Arabic Israeli citizen back to my home in ****. He is relatively wealthy but plans to leave us with nothing. I have three semesters plus internship hours left to complete my degree in court reporting. I found a nice therapist recommended to me by a friend once I return to *** but that could be weeks or months before I get there

My husband is not in love with me

I have been married for three years and my husband tells me that he’s not in love with me but he loves me unconditionally. I don’t know what to do.

We have no kids. He believes that because he’s not in love with me, it’s never going to happen because it should of happened in the beginning of our marriage. I believe that love comes in time.