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I sent him nude photos and can’t live with the guilt

While we were talking about sex, he asked me to send him my nude photos. I didn’t want to do it at first. Days went by and he again asked me for them. I was so in the mood now that, without thinking, I gave him my one picture.

High sexual drive and fear

I still have a high sexual drive and no matter how hard I try I can’t stop myself from having sexual fantasies about my exes.

My male classmates are blackmailing me, please help me

I sent nude photos to my boyfriend, but he leaked them. Now other boys are blackmailing me to have sex with them.

Boyfriend wants my naked photographs

I tried to convince him that it’s illegal in Islam but he says that’s normal. If I want to stay with him, then I have to send those things to him.

What should I do about my life?

Nude photos were leaked… I cry everyday, people point at me… I feel like dying.

I feel guilty to marry after sinning.

He used to say to me that I had to send him photos of me being ashamed. Now the biggest sin which I have done is that I sent him nude photos, plus he used to do sexting. I tried to avoid it, but he said he’d leave me if I didn’t listen to him and if I wouldn’t be involved. Being frightened to lose him I used to say ok then.

My mother caught me sending dirty photos to a guy

I got caught by my mother sending dirty texts and photos to a guy that I had been talking to for over a year. I do not know how to convince my mother that this time i truly am stopping all the bad things I have ever done like this.

Texted my nude pictures to boyfriend and now I feel deeply guilty

My boyfriend asked me to mms my nude pictures and because nudity was all over my mind because of those porn sites, i did send him! then we had a breakup afterwards but am still repenting on what i have done!

My fiancé is using nude photos to blackmail me

I made a mistake and committed zinaa with my fiance, and at the time we took a few nude photos together. Now I have stopped and repented, but he is using the photos to blackmail me to marry him right away, against my family’s wishes.