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Poor family boundaries, and I’m tired of it

I am at a turning point. My father does not care if he is naked in front of me. He doesn’t lower his gaze and I have advised him, but he simply said that he didn’t know I was around. This doesn’t happen once but plenty of times, as our rooms are opposite each other. My mother, on the other hand, does not share the room with him anymore, and has since made the living room entirely hers, even getting dressed in front of my nephews.

Boyfriend wants my naked photographs

I tried to convince him that it’s illegal in Islam but he says that’s normal. If I want to stay with him, then I have to send those things to him.

I can’t ignore him….

Our conversation began by a phone call by him. Then we began messaging by phone everyday…

Why are there nude images in my mind?

Since one week I have become really depressed because I see naked photos of people in my mind. especially when I offer prayer.