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When will my husband come back? (CLOSED)

When will my married life get better, and when will my husband come back to me?

Is checking name compatibility really a sin?


I was going through questions posted on this forum and read this one:

In this probably the editor of this site has stated that checking names compatibility is shirk and a big sin. Would some one like to shed more response on this point? Is it really wrong in our religion? What are the authentic sources and references?

Names and Luck

Can her name and my name have any influence on how good she would be to me?

when will she be married?

aoa. my sister is 29 years and my family is worrying about her marriage. her name is shumaila, date of birth 17/11/1981, place of birth is jhang, and mother’s name is zubaida begum.

kindly do istikhara of my sister and let me know will this year she get married?

Can dua change what is written? Can I get my husband back?

If it is said that everything is written about what and when things will happen, then what about dua? I had broken up with my husband, I loved the most. He cheated and is with someone else now, its been over a year almost. Now I prayed and prayed that he comes back and loves me and that things work out, as he is all the sukoon and love I need. I have this idea, whatever ALLAH Almighty does is for the better but can’t duas get me what I’m happy in and make that thing good for me? I’m depressed and have attempted suicide because I couldn’t take the pain.

Istikhara for marriage based on birth dates and names

my name is sohail ur rehman my mother name is shahnaz begum. i want to marry with tanzila nisar daughter of hashema nisar (mother name). family are allowed to marry me? plz istikhara me. thank you. plz reply me soon.