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Confused about a lot

What if I make an oath and forget but own up to it later? And do I get punishment for the actions of somebody else that they are doing to me?

Taking back an oath

In the heat of anger I said it but after thinking I realised how serious it is to swear by Allah.

Arranged vs Love Marriage (Divorce)

Before marriage me and my husband did commitment to take care of his first wife but after our marriage it seemed impossible…

Is this an oath?

If a person doesn’t want to do this anymore, and it is still before the exam or marriage, what do they do?

Broken vow or not

Now I feel scared that by talking to the boy my vow got broken. What do I do?

Forced Promise

What if I have to promise something to my parents forcibly by keeping my hands over the Quran?

Kaffara for Oath taken on the Quran

Since i am 15 i don’t think i can feed or clothe people so i decided to fast 3 days continuously. Is that right? or do my parents have to feed the people for me?

What makes an oath void?

I do regret breaking my oaths and I do fear the consequences for it in this dunya and in the afterlife.

I swore on my husband and ALLAH, but I broke the oath

Will my nikkah or my husband bear the consequences of breaking the oath if I don’t do kaffarah?

Forced to take an oath because of family issues

In the end she gave me two options, “either I’m going to lie and exploit [my cousin] in the family that he has been blackmailing my daughter, or give me an oath that you will not have any kind of contact with him.”