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Marriage proposal from an older man

Will it be appropriate to get marry such a nice but aged person? Why I am very unlucky, I never committed a big sin anytime?

Marriage and sex life problems

[This post is about sexual problems within marriage. Please observe Islamic limits and be aware that the topic is sensitive.]

Unhappily married to an older man… feeling trapped.

Our views are worlds apart. As a wife I should love, but I just can’t.

My dad won’t let me marry an older man.

I do want to marry him. My family knows about this but my dad is completely against it. He says it’s either him or this man. My mom agrees, and my older brother said that if his character and religion are good, then there shouldn’t be an issue. My dad admit that he is against it because he is afraid of what people will think–that his daughter married someone a lot older.

How can I get on with my older, quiet husband?

My husband is very quiet, never has a fun time with me, basically no conversation what so ever. I dont know if this is the age difference. I can’t look at him and don’t like my friends to see him.

I’m 26 and he’s 40, what does Islam say about age differences in marriage?

I am 26 and my “soon-to-be” is 40. We are both divorced (we are both good and practising Muslims) and wish to marry soon. I am just wondering if there is a limit on age difference according to Islam. Like, is he too old for me? As I am sure this will be my parents’ biggest issue. My parents are Christians and I would like to have the Islamic ruling on this rather than their Christian ruling.