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Wife lied to my family to get Nikahfied

I am looking to get some advice on whether I should continue this relationship namely to proceed with a rukhsati or divorce her.

Fabrication of lies before marriage

Was this the punishment of any sins of mine that I got a wife of totally different civil status from what I desired?

Will marriage with a younger man work in Islam?

I have never met anybody like him…. He is intelligent and respects me very much.

Getting married to an older woman

What is it like being married to an older woman compared to some one who is younger ie benefits, things I should maybe be sensitive about?

My Husband needs a child.

I am a Muslim woman British and white, married for 7 years to a wonderful black African Muslim man. I am 20 years his senior but despite all these differences we are committed to each other. He, however desperately wants a child which I can’t give him as I can’t have any more children. I have 3 children from a previous marraige. I truely want to help him resolve this problem.