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Cheated and betrayed! Please help me

I cry and feel so depressed because I miss her but I can’t talk to her.

Praying to Allah to marry a girl

It’s my wish. I never wanted anything so bad.

Online “Lovers”

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I am in a very critical situation

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I can’t leave him, neither can I forget him.

I am lovesick, involved in deep trouble and living in an unstable situation which is deeply affecting my health and studies.

Need Islamic type of help for love marriage

We met online and want to get married, but I have fear that my parents will say no…

In love with an online girl

I pray tahajud and fast sometimes also so my duas can be accepted is there anything else I can do to make my dua 100% accepted?

Do I have to convert to Islam to marry Pakistani guy?

He wants to marry me after he finishes his studies. Do I need to convert?

How can I convince my family to let me marry a guy I met online?

Please help me as soon as possible. I am fully depressed and planning to kill myself.