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Our love is impossible

We love each other with all the deen we have for allah yet he belongs to a family where in their village they never allow outsiders to marry their son/daughter.

I have hurt him a lot. Will Allah forgive me?

I love him so much I can’t even explain and since the day I left him I am crying so hard, I broke him apart.

Feeling broken-hearted

I lost everything I loved the most… She betrayed me, my life, my love, my care for her. But I can’t stop loving her.

I don’t think my mom is having an affair – I am sure of it!

My mom is dying to separate from my dad long before she even know this guy, but she stayed for the sake of her children. Now she has to live her life with someone that she doesn’t love anymore…

An affair turned to living hell…

He was ignoring me, I ignored him too till I realized my virginity problem which he caused… I’m sure he was fooling me from the beginning.. I don’t know what to do ..

He broke up, but I still want to marry him

I tried to convince him, but he used rough words at me and insulted me, and after that he stopped contacting me. I tried and still I’m trying to contact him, but he does not make any response. I can’t stop thinking about him even though he insulted me, I madly love him yet. I’m trying to forget him but failing to overcome this depression.

Is it haram to chat online with my love?

My name is Rida and i am a 17 years old muslim girl. i wanted some guidance.
well i m in love with a muslim guy who was my class fellow for 6 months and he proposed me on my yahoo id.

Should I forgive her and will she be a good wife

I ‘m in love with this girl she converted to Islam, she said she did it for me because i asked her. At the begining of this year 2011 I went to see her family in her country Philippines, where I met her family and told them about my intension’s that I would like to merry there daughter, they were very happy to meet me as I was..

We chatted online and he fell in love with me

I met this boy in a chatroom 6 months ago. We started to appreciate each other. We can’t meet cause we aren’t in the same country. He’s Black and im Arab which doesn’t ease things. And now he likes me alot and want to marry me.