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Losing control of sexual desires

I have been in a relationship with a guy for one year. Before he came to my life I been addicted to masturbation. I asked allah to help me and allah send me him.

My mother is in a relationship with another guy

My father is a very very good man. He doesn’t deserve this. I think all the time about how my mother is deceiving him.

In Love with a Syrian Al Qaeda Fighter

I was intend to go and get my father’s permission through phone after he realizes I won’t be going home…

Need Islamic type of help for love marriage

We met online and want to get married, but I have fear that my parents will say no…

How can I convince my family to let me marry a guy I met online?

Please help me as soon as possible. I am fully depressed and planning to kill myself.

Will Allah forgive me for this sin?

When I finally ended the relationship, my friend who is also friends with the guy tells me that he has my pictures and Skype calls saved.

Our love is impossible

We love each other with all the deen we have for allah yet he belongs to a family where in their village they never allow outsiders to marry their son/daughter.

How do I get over him? Was he faithful?

He would still speak on message and would say I will wait and see how things go with the other girl. If it all goes fine then I will block you otherwise I need someone to at least tell what happened.

Feeling continuous guilt

I have made some mistakes in the past… I can’t get out of the guilt. I have repented so much…

Feeling broken-hearted

I lost everything I loved the most… She betrayed me, my life, my love, my care for her. But I can’t stop loving her.