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High sexual drive and fear

I still have a high sexual drive and no matter how hard I try I can’t stop myself from having sexual fantasies about my exes.

My friend is in not happy with his future in-laws as they don’t allow both to talk or see each other.

My friend saw her at a wedding a couple of years ago and wanted to get to know her more, so he messaged her on facebook, at first she was really rude to him since she doesn’t talk to a lot of guys, but after she got to know him they became friends on facebook, for almost 2 years they just talked online and after they started to get emotionally attached (online) my friend told her that he likes her and that he wanted to meet her parents to ask for her hand in marriage and if that would be ok with her? she agreed and she told her mom about my friend, and then her parents invited my friend to their house. Any ways, my friend did an istikhara and it was positive, his parents did istikharas and they were positive and even I did an istikhara for them and it was positive, and to my knowledge we are only supposed to do an istikahra upto 7 times and then trust it and not doubt Allah swt first guidance, why are these people doing it again and again and again for the same thing?

Can I stay in touch with my fiancee?

I like a guy who ive known since nursery, and we’re now at Uni and have decided we want to get engaged soon. We’re more friends than anything but we both know we like each other, but dont do any of the wrong stuff..

Her mother wants a doctor for her.

Then our friendship became stronger and we fell in love . We have met only once after 8 months she met me for the first time. Mashallah we are totally pure. Her mom came to know about me that she loves me.

Cybersex fear and guilt

I was in a cybersex relationship for almost 2 years with a Muslim in the Middle East. I am not a Muslima but he kept telling me he wanted to marry me. He disappointed me a number of times. He won’t answer his phone and now only contacts me occasionally. He give silly excuses about being too busy.

My husband has online relations with other women

I need advice and help, I feel so alone and confused. I met my husband online 4 years ago, a few times over the time we met I discovered he was talking online to females and joining wierd fetish groups for sexual relief. I would discover many times what he did, but I new deep down he is a good man and I stood by him believeing him every time he said sorry and that he had done tawba over his mistakes.

I find myself asking what I’m doing wrong. It’s not the obvious reason where people will say I dont give him sex, as I’m always the one asking and waiting for it. He is always tired because of work and when we do finally have sex he just jumps in the bath and wants to eat, whereas I want to lay down and cuddle and talk.