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Is my money Haram or Halal?

I looked for a seller… I scammed him and didn’t pay him…

Online “Lovers”

I am having doubts about his real intentions on me… Is it possible that he has a wife already?

Being sent inappropriate pictures

When I was 14 an older man kept trying to talk to me. It escalated to him sending me inappropriate pictures of himself.

Naked picture

I sent a picture to someone I thought I loved and it got posted onto social media…

Heart broken

Lesson learned that he will definitely never be in my life again because he’s hurt me enough.. I just need some advice on how to move on from all this.

Should I keep trying online marriage sites?

I don’t like talking about myself (introducing myself) to potential spouses and I always wonder what if my future husband finds out I spoke to potential brothers about marriage.

I sent him pictures – I feel so guilty!

I cannot get this thought out of my head, I wish I was dead sometimes even though I know suicide is a sin.

I think I love someone online instead of being a married woman

I think I really love my husband and I don’t want to betray to him. But I can’t control my mind to the man online… I always think about to go to his country and live with him.

Husband with gaming addiction – I’m completely alone

Since he doesn’t beat me, or doesn’t go out clubbing maybe I should just excuse his behaviour? But the loneliness makes my heart ache so bad.

What would keep a Muslim man from being married?

By the 3rd day of talking with him online– he says he loves me and calls me his princess…