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Oppressive Husband

I am very scared and try my best to be the wife he wants but I see that he will never be satisfied.

Struggles of a revert (loneliness and catholic family monitoring)

I cannot tell them the truth yet.

“If you marry him, we will never talk to you again”

They are insisting that the ONLY way I can get what I want is by breaking ties with them… Either that or I agree to what they are saying and choose from any of the men they have found to be suitable for me.

Lifelong abuse by my parents, forced marriages, and now I’m pregnant…

I’m here all alone not allowed out, pregnant, no friends, nobody… And now I think they expect me to give them my child…

I need help with the problems in my marriage

I haven’t told him anything and it’s killing me. I can’t tell him because I’m afraid that he will hit me for looking in his phone and he also blackmails me that if i make one more mistake that he’d marry another woman.

My husband agreed to me not wearing hijab before marriage but now he is forcing me to cover.

I just can’t take the pain and hurting anymore and thinking suicidal thoughts more and more everyday… My mother is of no help because she isn’t religious at all and is always negative and asking why am I doing this. She doesn’t understand that I am trying. I can’t talk to my husband either because he is the other end pushing me. Please someone who can relate help me. I am at my wits end!