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I engage in oral sex as a last resort

In order not to find myself in similar situation and to satisfy my sexual urges after prolonged abstinence, I engage in oral sex with another man who understands my predicament and we agreed that he will not penetrate. Sometimes I masturbate.

Husband hasn’t approached me for sex.

Assalamoalikum, I got married 3 years ago, and my husband hasn’t had intercourse with me yet. He fulfills his desire by oral sex through me. Whenever I demand my rights, he says “there is a problem with you, that’s why I lose concentration and cannot fulfill your rights”, but he always demands oral sex. What should […]

Can I still be physically intimate with my boyfriend, knowing we’ll get married in future?

We talked about cutting down on the physical relationship however it intimidates us that our feelings for each other may disappear if we do not have this. Would it be acceptable if we continue the way we are now, knowing that we WILL get married in 3 years?

Oral sex during Ramadan?

Is it permissible to give your boyfriend oral sex during Ramadan, while one is on menstruation?

My husband is not happy with our lovemaking

My husband says that I never cooperated with him when we made love. He demands wild sex, but I don’t know what is all that, and he does not discuss with me what he actually wants.

Oral sex with another man’s wife, is it zinaa?

The man is very tense and he asked forgiveness from Almighty Allah. He is interested to know about the punishment for this on the judgement day and in the world.

Wife wants oral sex

My wife like to have oral sex. In islam its haram, but she likes it. I also enjoy but in islam this is haram what i do??

Is oral sex equivalent to intercourse in zina?

Is oral sex equivalent to intercourse? Is the punishment equal? Is kissing or touching a female breast and butt equivalent to oral sex? What are the acts of minor zina and their punishment?

Clear Islamic ruling on oral sex between husband and wife

My husband forces me to do oral sex with him. When all this started couple of years ago, I refused to do that but he gets angry on me and not only he separated his bed, he stop talking to me as well.

I am tested once and again, will my sins be forgiven (Part 2)

I just don’t know where to begin? I had done a previous post last year called “I am tested once and again, will my sins be forgiven”. Unfortunately since the past year, things have gone really worse… I didn’t know who to turn to and I felt that maybe I shouldn’t come here and ask for help. However it has been really hard on me and there is no one else to help besides you guys and Allah swt. I had tried very hard to work towards the advise that was given to me.