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He doesn’t deliver on promises. I’m at a crossroads

He is a very good talker and promises me the world but has never really delivered on any promise. Other times, he speaks to me like dirt. Our children don’t mind being away from him. I am so confused about whether to go back or not.

I don’t love my husband

I am new to here; I want to post here my difficult situation because I am seeking your advice.
I am married alhamdulilah but my husband never to makes me feel good about myself, I always feel like as if I am not good wife or not good enough to him. We were having arguments every day, I feel bad because he loves me very much but I don’t love him anymore. He knows I don’t love him, and yet he want to keeping me.

The girl I love has changed

I had a girlfriend, we have been together for almost two years, we both were use to love each other a lot. But I don’t know what happened, she changed and doesn’t want to see me.