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We had a baby and now he’s marrying a Muslim girl

I don’t know if I should do something or tell them coz I don’t want to hurt anyone. Much more, I don’t want to hurt him as he is trying to live a new and clean life.

Should my brother marry the girl he made pregnant?

I need an advice, my brother impregnated a non-Muslim girl. At first we were open to the idea of marriage between them, but the problem is, we cannot take the girl’s attitude. She causes a lot of drama in my brother’s life and even to us.

Is our child haram?

I would like to know if the child is haram who is born to a Muslim couple who are not married but living together?

Child born of Zina

Hello, my story/question goes as follows: When I first married my husband I cheated on him for several years. I had become pregnant, I did not know who the child belonged to (my husband or the other person). My husband and I stayed together at first because we were not sure if it was his child or not.

I since have never cheated again and I ask Allah for forgiveness everyday. I also ask forgiveness from my husband. My son is now 6 years old and we found out through DNA test that he is indeed not my husband’s child.

Getting married while pregnant?

A friend of mine got married while she was pregnant. Some people are saying that you can’t get married while you are pregnant and if you do get married while being pregnant the marriage is not halal. Can you please confirm that? Thank you.

My Christian son has a baby with a Muslim girl

My family are Christians. My son is in love with a Muslim girl. They have a baby together and are not married. Her parents, who are devout Muslims, do not know their situation. Are they outcasts in your faith and her family?