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31 years old, single and depressed lady

I am still single because of my physique, as I am little chubby and everyone wants a smart girl to marry. I am so depressed.

Everyone hates me, and I’ve lost faith in Allah

I will always suffer in this life, so why bother reaching out to Allah? Why bother even trying to be a moral person? Staying and helping my parents has gotten me nowhere.

His parents are refusing to consent to our marriage

I met a man in August 2009 and we started talking on the phone as he had seen me with a friend and he was interested to get to know me better. We talked on the phone for about a month and then decided to meet face to face and have dinner at a restaurant. This became a weekly thing as well as numerous daily phone calls to each other as well. After 3 months of the same routine, I decided to tell my parents about him.

I married someone that rejects me.

…..they told me to accept someone else who I never met before, he was some guy from the family far related and only my parents knew who he is but also never met him before,…

Boys are rejecting me because I am fat

Asak. I am 22 years old muslim girl. My parents are searching a good boy for me. But all boys are rejecting because I am fat. I don’t know what to do? I am also trying a lot to become thin but in vain.

Please tell me is being fat a mistake?

– Hajara

My husband calls me fat and alienates my friends

assalaamu walaikum Iam married and we have been going through a lot in the past three years but this is our first year of marriage. yet i feel like my husband is destroying me mentally because of some of the things he does. like for instance i have a medical condition in which my medication made me gain a lot of weight. he callls me fat all the time and makes me insecure about it.