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We have just a few days left before his engagement…

Is This Relationship Halal or Haram?

I have recently converted to Islam about six months ago. I did this on my own with good intentions in my heart and mind, but it just happened to benefit my relationship with my Muslim boyfriend.

How can I get my father to accept our marriage?

I am a 21 year old girl who wants to get married to someone I’ve been with for nearly 3 years.

The problem is I’m Pakistani and he is Bengali, and because of this my parents aren’t accepting.

Parents won’t let me marry a Pakistani woman

I’m facing this problem right now, I’ve met this very decent loving and caring lady, she’s British Pakistani. and I am an Arab from Qatar. We are both british citizens. We have not done anything wrong or met alone or anything dodgy! I’m just very interested in her and have fallen in love.

Want to cut ties with family

Unfortunately I have family problems on both sides, ‘always somebody bringing up problems and someone’s always playing minds games. I personally had enough and can’t stand it. I intend when the time’s right to go and find my own girl and start a new family. I have a feeling my mum wants me to marry my cousin. I […]

Is this abandonment in Pakistani culture?

It’s now six months passed and my son has never met his father. The father ended contact with me, he blocked me out from everything.

Catholic White girl and Pakistani boyfriend

I am a Catholic girl who has been dating this Pakistani boy for about a year and a half now. I am soo in love with him, and I believe he feels the same way about me. He is my first love, and viseversa. My mom was fine with it until he left me.

I fear my parents will disown me if I tell them I am unhappy being engaged to my Pakistani cousin and I want to marry a Libyan man

My parents got me engaged to a relative. I only accepted for my mothers sake as she wanted me to marry this man. When I came back to the US, I started work, I met a really nice man at work. He is Libyan and I am Pakistani but we are both Muslims.

Non muslim confused and lost

I posted on here once before asking for advice on pregnancy. In the end I decided to terminate without my Muslim friends knowledge so he would feel no shame about it. I did not expect things to continue as they have done but we seem to be in a strange sort of relationship which I don’t understand.

We have had a friendship for five years but she won’t marry me

I have a friendship with a muslim woman for 7 years. we understand each other alot and exchange gifts but the problem am having is i wanna marry her and spent rest of my life with her. I finally found ture happiness. The problem is she only loves me as a friend and we both from different culture am black she is pakistani. Most of pakistan womens only marrys their pakistan men.