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Is there any way I can emotionally force my boyfriend to come back to me?

He promised me he would marry me and look after me as long as i left the guy i was engaged to. I did it coz i trusted him. With all my fault as time went along things started changing and things were going bad. I got pregnant from him and I got rid of it coz at that time I was too scared to keep it as things were not right at home or with the guy.

Muslim revert in love with Pakistani Muslim, do I have a chance?

Salaam all, I am a revert to Islam, and have been for the past 2 years 🙂 I am still learning so much, and everyday I am inspired more and more. I have recently met a guy that encompasses all that I want from a good muslim husband. But he is Pakistani and I am white…

Pakistani bengali marriage

I am a pakistani muslim girl born and brought up in the UK. For the past five years i have been in a relationship with a bengali boy also brought up here. We were at university together and he always knew it would be difficult to bring his parents round to the idea of him marryin a pakistani girl. Specially as he’s the eldest, but he thought it was doable and he’d be able to sort it in the end. My family were ok. I used to bug him bout telling them about me because I knew it would be an issue but he waited till about seven months ago to tell them. They have said he is on his own if he marries me. I dont want that and neither does he. He says he’ll keep fighting but he says realistically he cant give me any guarentees because he doesnt know what the outcome will be.

I’m Pakistani and she is Bengali and our families will not let us marry

I am confused. My girlfriend is Bengali and I’m Pakistani and we are very close and want to get married in a couple of years, but her parents want her to get married to a Bengali at the age of 19 as her family do not like Pakistanis. Why is this? As we are both Muslim so what is the problem with this? Why cant we get married?