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Relationship between wife and her mother

Is it ok my wife and children should not meet my wife’s mother’s new husband?

Is it mental illness or something wrong with behavior?

Please guide what should I do with my son? Shall I start working on him by considering him an unfit child or I shall opt some assistance from some spiritual people?

Losing the Love and Respect for parents.

I know parents have great place in Islam and I don’t want to disrespect them. …. but I simply unable to change my feelings for them.

Forced into marriage by my parents

I told my parents I don’t want to marry… but just that wasn’t an enough reason. They’re saying “if you dare say to anyone that you’re being forced…”

I want to marry him but my family won’t accept him

How can I convince my family when I can’t tell them that I already know him?!

My mother asked our brother to leave as he doesn’t mend his ways; is it right as per Islam?

He smokes, organize parties where wine is served (though he does not drink) and doesn’t pray or fast. Recently my mother has given him ultimatum that he should leave house if he does not mend his ways. I want to ask what does Islam or Qoran say about this? What my mother doing is correct? No doubt Quran shows us the correct path.

Parents forcing me to talk to my fiancee romantically.

I am 21 year old from India. I have been engaged to my cousin from last three years and he wants me to be romantically involved. I don’t undrstand what to do? Please help me in the light of shariah; should I go against my parents wish and hurt them? I don’t want to comit sin, niether do I want to hurt my parents.

Her mother wants a doctor for her.

Then our friendship became stronger and we fell in love . We have met only once after 8 months she met me for the first time. Mashallah we are totally pure. Her mom came to know about me that she loves me.