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I’m from a broken family so his parents won’t give their consent

I had put a lot of effort for this relationship as it was a long-distance one. It keeps haunting me that he will soon marry another girl and maybe he’ll stay happy.

His parents are refusing to consent to our marriage

I met a man in August 2009 and we started talking on the phone as he had seen me with a friend and he was interested to get to know me better. We talked on the phone for about a month and then decided to meet face to face and have dinner at a restaurant. This became a weekly thing as well as numerous daily phone calls to each other as well. After 3 months of the same routine, I decided to tell my parents about him.

Marriage without Parents consent is allowed?

I would like to marry a girl from different country. Inspite of both of us being good Muslims, her parents reject the idea of marriage from someone outside their community. Now she is stuck with her parents as she wont agree for a forced marriage and her parents wont marry her to me. Her age is 30 now and her parents would just not change their minds.

Is this not a sin? Are her parents being ‘Good parents’ thinking of her betterment and her good future or are they just being egoistic and stubborn?

I have had haraam relations with my boyfriend, how do I repent and make my parents agree to marry us?

I love a guy who is very good we are together for about 3 yrs mashallah and deeply in love. But we have done a sin, we did not engage in sexual intercourse but except that, hope you understood. Now we both want to repent things just happen and we actually cant figure it out. I really want to repent so do my bf and also that we dont want to do that again.

Can a divorced woman marry without her parents knowing?

I am in love with a man. We have been friends for 10years. We live in 2 different countries and have kept in touch via emails and calls. We are both Muslim alhamdulilah and have the same background. But he has a child from his previous marriage, and because of this my father will never approve.

Indian Muslim male confused whether to marry Christian female

Me and the indian muslim boy was in love for with each other for three years now. I read about islam and i study about it. I am willing to be a converted muslim and follow the ways of islam. He is scared with his family as they said that they dont accept me. Now he will be fixing the arrange marriage 3 months from now in india. I want to marry him but his family opposes as i am not coming from their caste and i am not a muslim.

My parents will not consent to us marrying because they say she is poor

I am a sunni muslim who is deeply in love with a chaste and pious muslim woman. I am established person. My parents aren’t agreeing to marry me with her as they say that those people are poor and they didn’t respect us by giving best foods when we went to there home. Also that they won’t be able to give Jahez and they won’t be able to support to financially.