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My parents want me to marry a psychologically abusive man

I have told my parents everything about the guy I like, but they are forcing me to marry another.

Converting to Islam (family issues)

We started off as friends sharing similar interests in life and shared similar goals as well. As we spent more and more time with one another we both began falling for one another. As we both shared our personal life experiences, goals and simple life stories religion was one of the main topics to be brought up. I learned that he is a Muslim man and he learned that I am a Christian woman. … I made the decision that I wanted to convert not only for him and our life together, but to be closer with God and to practice the Islamic beliefs.

Husband beating me and neglecting me, what should I do?

The entire week he used to be out 15 hours for work, & I used to be alone at home. Or he used to simply leave me at his parents home. I was working at management level before I got married, but due to the fights he didn’t let me work afterwards. Whenever I went to his parents place, they wanted me to serve them for everything. Though they had daughters, I was like a servant to them. Soon I started fighting with my husband for all this & he started beating me.