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My parents were impatient to get me “married off.”

My parents said that he cannot provide for me and so they can’t let me marry him…is this valid as per shariah?

Catholic girl with a Muslim boyfriend

I am a Catholic girl who has been dating this Muslim boy for about a year and a half now. I am sooo in love with him, and I believe he feels the same way about me. He’s my first love, and vice versa. We are both 21 and we go together to university. Two […]

Messed up with Istikhara.

Me and my family had been looking for a girl for me to get married and on a matrimonial site, I was contacted by someone. She was one year older than me and was living in UK while I am in an Arab country. I had no issues and I thought my parents won´t have any issues. I am Alhamdulillah a murid in Naqshbandiya silsila, well education, good family background with a prestigious qualification. Her family had the same and Alhamdulillah she is a practicing Muslim.

When we met, my parents were in homeland…..

Parent’s disappointment is making me miserable

I have one brother & one sister they both study medicine, but I didn’t because I’ m not well educated. Because of that I feel like my parents are not loving me….

Trying to save a Relationship

I’m Italian, I’m 22 and I converted to Islam just about exactly 2 years ago. Before I converted, a Pakistani girl came into my life and at the time I was in no way looking for a relationship but she just would not leave me alone and finally I fell in love with her. But her family hates me and always tries to separate us.

Was it right choosing parents over a guy?

I fell in love with a muslim guy from another country. We knew each other for a year, and there was a lot of love between us but no sexual intercouse. Im 18 and he is 30. We really respected each other. But when my parents found out my father put me in such a position that I had to choose either him or the guy.