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Should I marry a man who my parents say or should I marry the man of my love?

I can’t forget him but I have a strong feeling that my dad won’t allow me to get married to him. He got converted for me, I can’t leave him.

Parents are keeping me apart from my boyfriend and my faith

I lost my laptop and the lady who took it called to my parents and said I love a boy and converted to muslim… my parents are not allowing. I am not able to do my namaz and all.

My Muslim boyfriends parents broke us up because we had sex what should I do to make this right?

his sister went through mine and his messages, she was sending me messages from his phone asking me all about me and him etc. She then told their parents and they told him he can not see or speak to me ever again and if he does they will kill him

I Love Him, My Parents do not Agree

i love a person his family is agree but my parents are not agree please tell me wazifa or dua for get married to that person.

Can I marry against the will of the parents?

I’m Muslim and want to marry a Christian Russian girl who is ready for marriage and wants to accept Islam. She doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t eat pork.

His parents say they will never accept me

A salaam Alaykum, I am a convert with two children and I feel, through prayer and guidance from Allah, that I have met the man that will complete my deen. He is a little younger than me but quite mature and wise and his parents refuse to accept me. He has gone to them and expressed his intentions and has asked for their permission to move forward but they refuse.

In love but parents do not approve

I am love with a girl but parents do not approve me to marry her, what can i do?