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why can’t my family accept my choice for marriage?

Ya Allah, is it my fault that there’s something about the Egyptians that intrigued me so much, and I’m attracted to them? Is it a sin to have different taste? I love this guy and I am serious this time, and he is successful and kind, etc. He plans to visit my country at the end of this year soon isA. I finally got my family to agree to meet him this time.

My fiancée wants to marry me despite his father´s dissaproval.

Assalam Alaikum,
Last summer I received a proposal from a very good muslim brother. His parents came to visit first and immediately liked my family and visited again with their son a few days later. This isn’t my first marriage nor is it his, so I was cautious and concerned about the person I’d end up with. Upon meeting him, I didn’t think he was my type nor did he seem interesting. But my parents and siblings encouraged me to keep an open mind. His father had called and talked to me quite a few times