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Interfaith marriage without parental permission possible?

I’m a Christian girl. My family will not agree with our wedding so I’m left without a Wali.

My parents are not agreeing to marriage with the one I love!

Can I leave my house to get married as I don’t want to do sin for more time and I want everything in shariah?

Parents won’t allow me to marry a guy because of my education and his nationality.

I am so upset, they didn’t even bother asking about his deen or anything about him they just asked these weird questions.

What do I do? I can’t face my parents.

We decided for hidden nikah, to thought that may Allah will be agree after our legal relationship.

I am struck with marriage problems in my life

I was thinking that after 3.5 years of hell maybe I will get good life without any problems.. But again I am facing the same problems…

Parents don’t want me to get married

I don’t have any “single” family member who supports me in my decisions, who backs me. Instead everyone is mostly discouraging me in hijab wearing, not listening songs,watching movies etc. Saying I won’t get good proposals, etc.

Getting married to someone from a different culture

Please tell me if I should go ahead with proposing for marriage through her parents, even though my parents right now won’t accept it? I have spent all my life praying to Allah to bless me with a Muslimah wife like her.

My father rejected the proposal because we are not the same nationality.

I met a man online and he proposed to me. I want to marry him but my father rejected him because I am a Turk and he is Iranian-British.