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Parents are trying to force me away from the girl I want

I have been researching about solutions for all this, and I found that it’s my right, as well as my duty, to make the right decision for myself…but my parents say that they don’t care about Qur’an and Hadith. They actually blame me that I am hiding behind all this to serve my agenda.

My parents are being stubborn for marriage

They don’t understand and want to impose their decision on me. This is my life and I think I have every possible right to choose my life partner.

Her Parents refuse marriage because I am African

I am sure they would realize that color and culture doesn’t mean anything if only they opened up their hearts to seeing us together.

They refuse to let her marry me because I’m diabetic

Her family would say to me “you are like a son to us”, but when they found out about my condition they totally changed. They have made me feel so under-valued just because of my diabetes. I really want to be with this girl and she wants to be with me. She would call me upset that her family will not let it happen, and they will not listen to her that she is happy to marry me. We met the right way, and both families have met, we got along and everything has totally changed.

I want to marry a Korean, but everyone is against it

I met this Korean guy and he seemed like a good person. We were talking one day and he said he wanted to convert to Islam. I was shocked but he seemed sincere. I finally thought, I think he’s the one for me.