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Interference in marriage, causing unhappiness

My test here comes from my parents and family… I’m feeling helpless stuck between two parties.

In need of relationship advice

My boyfriend’s family hates me.

Should I choose to marry and keep parents happy now even though it would create big problems later?

 I know my parents are going to be hurt if i choose the man i want but I’m sure it will save a lot of bigger problems later on in life.

Inheritance-does my brother deserve it??

Do my parents have an obligation according to Islam?

Being Pressured to Marry my Cousin [emotionally abusive parents]

Everything has turned into a complete nightmare.

Very disrespectful son/brother

Should he be thrown out of the house?

Running away from home.

My father find some messages of mine… I get scolded and he said you lost my trust…

Fate and destiny

I pray to Allah and talk to him in my head and ask why me? Will I ever be happy?

Curse of the Mother

She curses my future children and my marriage.

Personal issues

I love him a lot but now I’m married to another person…