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Is it inappropriate or sinful to dream about someone you love as your future husband?

Very confused about a guy…

He does seem happy now, but why do I keep thinking about him?

Should I marry her or not?

I want to marry her with 100% acceptance. She also wants to but the memories he had given her, and I have not… are still stopping her.

I’m still in love

They say everything happens for a reason… I don’t know what is wrong with my life and what to do.

Past struggles of a love, complicated marriage and visions

I would like someone to help me and regarding a dream I keep remembering. Before I explain my dream, I would like to give some background information.

Finding my way back

I have been an outcast from society for a very very long time.. I don’t know if this loneliness and sadness for years is a test from God..

Who should I marry???

I was in a relationship for 3 years and love him to death, we have been through a lot together. We wanted to get married and I decided to tell my parents about him…

He keeps throwing my past in my face

I recently got engaged to a man i have loved for a long time. but still after our engagement he kept throwing my past in my face that people had talking about me and that everyone knew my past and that he couldn’t handle people talking about us. he said that i would embarrass his family if they heard anything about me.

Should I tell my husband about my Ex?

I made the mistake of falling in love with one of my cousins who told me that he cared a lot about me and wanted to marry me. After time passed by, the guy asked my parents for my rishta; however, my parents hated this cousin and they believed that he was not a good guy for me to marry…. the decision was up to me; I put a stone over my heart and feelings and for the sake of my parents’ happiness, I agreed not to marry him. My main concern and dilemma now is what I should tell my future husband about my cousin. I honestly have tried to be a good muslim daughter and respect my parents wishes, but still my life is full with obstacles due to my “ex” even though it occurred long ago. I am so scared and every night I cry myself to sleep worrying and wondering what will happen when I get married and when my cousin tries to cause problems for me.