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Is it inappropriate or sinful to dream about someone you love as your future husband?

Please help me

Can someone tell me the solution please?

Having had a boyfriend…

Would your past relationship be used against you even though you are not in that relationship anymore?

Should I marry her or not?

I want to marry her with 100% acceptance. She also wants to but the memories he had given her, and I have not… are still stopping her.

Finding my way back

I have been an outcast from society for a very very long time.. I don’t know if this loneliness and sadness for years is a test from God..

Need advice on picking between proposals

I did istikhara and I got the boy from mom’s side and a molvi did it and he got the same results as me. Now I’m very confused because I want to follow istikhara but I don’t know what to do.

I’m scared of losing my life I have built

I have my own family now and have moved on but it’s seems my past is following me. Sometimes I cry cause feeling so sad and can’t tell my husband cause it’ll cause problems in my marriage.

Feeling continuous guilt

I have made some mistakes in the past… I can’t get out of the guilt. I have repented so much…

Sex before marriage and its consequences…

I was forced into sex… later, I kissed a few boys… My potential partner has told me that he’ll marry me but won’t ever share a bed with me, kiss me, or hug me. He doesn’t want to touch me.

Custody problem with a non-Muslim biological father

We have two boys from my wife’s previous relationship, which was out of wedlock. We have to deal with the custody issue. What can I do to support my wife?